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children. Aside from the personal implications of marriage for the parties involved, ancient marriages in Western culture were also about politics and social status. Marriages were arranged to promote diplomatic or economic ties. Money exchanged in the form of a dowry or a bride price wasn’t uncommon as a means of securing a union. Etruscan House Reveals Ancient Domestic Life For those without power, money or status, the process of finding a suitable partner took on an entirely different meaning. Created by British artist Edwin Long in 1875, this painting is called "The Babylonian Marriage Market," and is based on a passage from "Histories" by the ancient historian Herodotus. The painting depicts how women in ancient Babylonia who didn’t enjoy the privilege of a dowry were auctioned off to the highest bidder based on their beauty. The high prices paid for the most attractive women would supplement the dowries of the plainer looking brides to be. Although polygamy was

How often should I change my exercise routine byAs a young and inspired weight trainer, I was always on the look out for any information about adding more strength and muscle mass. I would try any workout with varying types of repetition schemes and set variations. You name it, super sets, giant sets, pre exhaust, down the racks, high reps, low reps and every thing in between. However, if there was one
Cheap jerseys from China question that I always had in the back of my mind, it was How often should I change my exercise routine? You see, this question was a critical question because, at the time, I
Cheap NFL jerseys didn TMt really know when or how to change my exercise routine that would benefit me. I knew that changing up my exercise routine was very important but I just couldn TMt put it all together. At the time, I was reading articles and advice from top experts saying that it was absolutely crucial to change up your exercise routine at certain stages for optimal results and not to do so, was an invitation to overtraining

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