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to the CEO, the CEO to the board, the board to the shareholders. Each one of these people wants to look good to the next link up the chain, and dreads making a public mistake. If you want your sale to go
Cheap wholesale jerseys through, you need to provide your contact with EVIDENCE why you and your solution are the best choice. 4. The bottom line rules. When you provide your
NFL jerseys china evidence, it had better include dollars and cents. If you are more expensive than your competition, what added value will you provide? If hiring you will cost more than solving the company’s problem in some other way, what tangible benefits will they receive that make the added expense worthwhile? Individuals and small businesses buy services in the category of nice to have, often to improve their quality of life or that of their employees. Corporations, especially in lean times, don’t. You must sell them something they actually NEED and prove how it will enhance their bottom line. Real life examples of results at other companies can speak volumes. Illustrations

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