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like pattern. The pairs of green needles are 15 cm long, stiff and shiny. It has an interesting flattened crown atop a straight, though seldom perpendicular trunk. When established it copes with most conditions including extremes of drought and heat and can reach a height of 25 m, though in the wild is often stunted by harsh conditions. The trunk has furrowed reddish grey bark while the rigid paired needles are 10 "20 cm long and bright green. It has distinctive bark that is deeply fissured with a mosaic of broad, smooth, yellowish brown, reddish brown and pinkish grey plates. Considered the United States TM third most important timber tree, it is used in construction and furniture as well as more mundane items like mousetraps. It grows to around 30 m tall and has dark brown cones. It has thick, deeply fissured red brown bark and short, dark green to blue green needles in pairs. Being fast growing and an excellent timber tree, it is often used in forestry. It grows to over 40 m tall and has twisted 8 cm needles

lives. They memorialize their founder, Mary Kay Ash, who died in 2001 at age 83. All that translates to the bottom line. Mary Kay does
Wholesale NBA jerseys very well is understand its employees and their needs and values, said Barsade. can orient the culture so the fit between the people and the organization is very tight and allows Mary Kay to get really superior performance. Strong corporate cultures also view people as a critical resource and value them as individuals, said Barsade, who noted that Mary Kay Ash sent all her sales people hand written birthday greetings. Ritual and ceremony, like the Mary Kay awards extravaganza, are also important, along with clear expectations about the direction of the company. culture is the informal system that people put together to know what the company wants from them. While the culture of a company
MLB jerseys is informal, Barsade said senior managers have the power to shape it. strategy and structure all have to work together, and top management is absolutely critical because they are the ones who not

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